About Us

Treasured Memories® has been in business since 1988 providing supplier benefits and consulting services to independent funeral homes. Treasured Memories® Community Funding (TMCF) is a crowdfunding website. We provide a place where people can come together to quickly and easily raise money for a worthy cause including Family Support, Memorial Donations, Charitable Events, Community Fundraisers, Support for Veterans, and Loving Pets & Animals. TMCF was initially founded with the goal of helping families gather the resources to afford the final expenses of their loved ones. However, we recognize that people have financial needs for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we have set up our website so that anyone experiencing a financial need can reach out to family, friends and community members for help.

Raising Money for Worthy Causes

Treasured Memories Community Funding has received over 12,000 donations from all 50 States.