Treasured Memories® Community Funding is a website created for funeral directors by funeral directors and it’s used by communities across the U.S. We are passionate about providing a free platform where professionals and families can establish meaningful funds.

Funeral homes have a long history of providing charitable service, gathering resources in times of hardship and creating lasting legacies. We’ve just taken it online. Now, we have the tools to foster uplifting support from good people to help a family grant memorial funds in a loved one’s name or help a family in a tragic or unexpected situation.

We have a 0 platform fees so that all funds raised go to where they are intended. Treasured Memories® devotes our own labor, staff and resources to this site. Optional donations or “tips” by donors help us run things. TMCFunding is the #1 crowdfunding site for funeral professionals and has raised over a million dollars in its first few years.

Raising Money for Worthy Causes

Here are some pictures of Funeral Directors helping their communities.

Treasured Memories Community Funding has raised millions to help families and communities from donors world-wide.