1. Log into your website and either click on the obituary you want to edit or start a new obituary. 
  2. Place your cursor end of the obituary and type the reason you are looking for people to donate followed by the words CLICK HERE.
  3. Highlight the words CLICK HERE and then click on the Insert/edit link button (pictured below.)
  4. When you click on the Insert/edit link button the below dialogue box appears.  Fill in the Url, which is the link directly to your TM Funding campaign.  It will always look like http://www.tmcfunding.com/search/campaign/000?layout=single .  The 000 will be replaced with the campaign number. Don't forget to choose New window under Target.  We don't want people actually leaving your site.  
  5. Click Ok and then save your obituary.  You should now have the words CLICK HERE that link to your TM Funding campaign somewhere in your obituary.