Mary Elizabeth Henderson

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Wilmington, NC

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Donations in Memory of Emmie to Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center.

In 2008, I was working at the Lowes Home Improvement just off Topsail Island on highway 17 and while outside the gates on a forklift a girl careened into the parking lot and parked beside me. She was distraught over a turtle that had been hit by a car and was looking for the nearest vet clinic to at least ease its suffering.

I helped that girl without knowing that it would change the course of my life. The turtle found mercy and I found the love of my life all by the will of a girl named Emmie.

Over the years, turtles have remained a very important part of both of our lives. We always went out of our way to aid turtles who were attempting to figure out where the chicken went once it crossed the road. Due to where we lived while we were dating, the travel between our homes included numerous back roads that after a rainstorm would be prime territory for a turtle crossing. It became a competition between us to see who could save more turtles.

I chose the Karen Beasely Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center as Emmie's charity because of our loves for all things turtle.

Please consider donating to this wonderful center. They provide more help and education regarding these wonderful creatures than anyone in the area. It would make Emmie so proud to know that she helped to continue the care and rehabilitation of the turtles at their hospital.

Johnathon Henderson

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