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Any contribution is greatly appreciated in this time of unexpected loss.

Clinton “Clint” William Beachum was born on September 28, 1957 and he left this world on November 9, 2019. The maintenance man entered the Beachum family when he was 2 , but he has always considered his parents to be Phyllis and Clyde William Beachum Jr., of sunny California. Clinton grew up (and even in his adult years) creating and expressing his art. Clinton lived a quiet life; he could always be found creating and building. Clinton’s surviving brother, Billy William Beachum III, reminisced about the gifts Clint was given – he could build anything without directions, and he could take apart and repair anything just as smoothly. Not only was Clinton a phenomenal mechanic, he was also a great artist with just a simple pen and paper, proving that Clinton could make the best of any situation. During his final years, Clint devoted his time to repairing the homes of his neighbors in his local community.

When Billy and Clinton were growing up, Billy recalls his brother acting as most brothers do – a little bit of tough love here and there. On one memorable occasion, Billy witnessed his tough older brother show a little bit of his softer side. When Billy came face-to-face with a hulking bully, Clinton marched up to that bully and defended his little brother. This memory is something that Billy holds dear and fondly recalls – he has always loved his brother, and Billy wishes that he could tell Clinton one more time.

Though Clinton often hid behind a tough exterior, he grew up surrounded by love. The Beachum family had many pets – dogs, cats and even, to some of the family’s horror a pet snake!

When asked about Clint, Billy said that he was a good man, but he faced many of life’s hard lessons. Today, the little brother that Clinton once so vehemently defended, had to face one of the harshest of life’s lessons – the loss of his elder brother. Growing up together gave the Beachum family a spirit of toughness; there was not a situation they could not get over together. Though there is one less brother, friend, and neighbor, the Beachum family will stand together as they always have. We have joined together with the Beachum family to support them through this sudden tragedy. In lieu of flowers, the grieving family would deeply appreciate any assistance in recovering from this unexpected loss. Donations and any assistance you can provide will help support this family to take the time off of work to grieve and express the loss of their brother and friend and to help with the financial burdens he has left behind.

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