In loving memory of Donald Kuchinka

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Shadyside, OH

Fundraiser ends on November 12, 2021

Memorial Contirbutions in loving memory of Donald Kuchinka

Please consider making a donation to Valley Hospice in memory of Donald Kuchinka.
Valley Hospice is ensuring access to care for those living with a life-limiting illness through our commitment to Caring. Living. Healing.
Valley Hospice affirms the fundamental belief that every person deserves not only a decent life, but also a peaceful death in an atmosphere of respect, compassion, and dignity. Valley Hospice provides comfort to both those afflicted with and those affected by terminal illness.
Every donation counts and Donald and his family believed in the mission and work of Valley Hospice.
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This fundraiser has been created in partnership with
Bauknecht-Altmeyer Funeral Home
3900 Central Ave., Shadyside, OH 43947

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