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Services for Derrick Black

My name is Derrick M. Black.

I didn't mean to die, not yet. I passed away on my mother's birthday.

I fought hard to hold on until that day. I went peaceful. I am at peace now. My mom got her small birthday party. I couldn't open my eyes to see her face. I couldn't tell her happy birthday because I couldn't speak. She knows I was saying happy birthday and I love you. I had all my children around me. Just as I had cried for so many times over the years. I finally got my wish.

Sorry it took me dying for it to happen. Soon as my sons left the room, I took my last breath. Sad for leaving, but happy everything is okay now.

I know I have made many mistakes and was trying hard to change things. My time just ran out. I am making a plea for help.

I passed away 10/16/2022.

I foolishly lost my life insurance a few months back. I have no money saved and mother has been pretty sick for several years since 2019. So I know her funds are pretty low.

My soul has gone to heaven and it is just my body now.

My mother is completely torn apart and her hands are tied. Can a few people help me so I can go on and be with my brother and my mother can let go and begin to heal again, please?

Thank you and god bless.
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Randall Lewis

499 days ago

RIP Brother.

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