Mt. Gilead Cemetery

Support the preservation of this unique pioneer cemetery.


The Mt. Gilead Cemetery is overseen by the Mt. Gilead Cemetery Association and its board members, compromised of volunteer community leaders. The Cemetery Association is dedicated to the preservation of this pinoeer cemetery.  Contributions will be used for maintiance and upkeep of the Mt. Gilead Cemetery.

This burial ground originally served a pioneer settlement of related families who migrated to the area from Missouri in 1847 as members of the Peters Colony. They were headed by a widow, Permelia Allen (d. 1866), who is buried here in an unmarked grave. This tract, adjacent to the Mount Gilead Baptist Church and School, was first owned by her sons-in-law Daniel Barcroft (1812-81) and Iraneous Neace (1816-79). The earliest marked gravesite is that of William Joyce (1836-54). Homemade grave markers here reflect the pioneer lifestyle the early settlers. (1981)


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