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Share to Give: Community Giving Partnership Between WTRF-TV and the Salvation Army Angel Tree



We are closer to our goal today than we were yesterday!   

Thank you to those who have been able to give!

As you can see in the box on the right, our community has been generous.  The "WTRF Community"  donation is made of many people, organizations and businesses that have brought their contribution directly to WTRF.  We hope you will consider contributing here or directly to WTRF so we can meet our goal!  Thanks again for supporting this project!

WTRF is partnering with the Salvation Army for the 2nd year to adopt as many children as possible from the Ohio Valley's Angel Trees. Last year we were able to raise over $10,000 and adopt 161 children of all ages from six counties. WTRF employees shopped for all the gifts and delivered them sorted by child to the Salvation Army for their annual distribution day.

This year we are hoping to increase our goal and be able to adopt 200 children. While this is a daunting goal, we are hoping to solicit support from the community and local businesses. One hundred percent of the funds received will go to purchasing gifts for the children. There are no administrative fees, advertising fees, etc. allocated out of these funds.

We allocate $75 per child and shop to ensure that each child gets everything on their Angel, while also making sure the child has a mix of a large gift and several smaller gifts. All gifts have tags removed and barcodes marked through. They are delivered to the Salvation Army by December 12th unwrapped.  Shopping will be started December 1st and must be completed by December 10th, so please act fast.

For questions, please contact:

Diana Winzenreid & Tony Robinson Account Executives, WTRF

Diana cell: 812-219-6796

This campaign has been created in partnership with
Altmeyer Funeral Home
154 Kruger St., Wheeling, WV 26003

Beneficiary Diana Winzenreid
Beneficiary's address
96 16th Street

West Virginia
United States
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Pete Allen


Chris Griffin


Joy Filuis


WTRF Community


Karen Palmer


Maria Givens


The Cheese Melt


Joanie Johnson


Leah Johnson


The DeMartino Family


Michael LaHood


Altmeyer Funeral Home


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This fundraiser ended on: 12/06/2018

Top Contributors

Contributor Amount
WTRF Community $7675.00
Pete Allen $100.00
Maria Givens $100.00
Altmeyer Funeral Home $75.00
The Cheese Melt $50.00
Chris Griffin $50.00
Michael LaHood $25.00
The DeMartino Family $25.00
Joanie Johnson $20.00
Leah Johnson $20.00