In Loving Memory of Burkeman Manuel

The American Diabetes Association help people just like Burt everyday. Consider making a contribution in his name.


If you have a friend, you’d want him to be like Burt.  Burkeman Manuel would give anything to anyone anywhere and at any time.  His helpful spirit was there for anyone, whether he knew you or not. 

He was devoted to his Catholic faith and prayer was a huge part of his life.  He loved sharing the word as well as a word of prayer with his prayer group. 

Burt was also extremely proud of his service to his country, as he served for over 20 years in the United States Navy.  You could always hear him talk about his Sea Bees.

One thing that Burt battled for quite some time was his diabetes.  Fortunately, there are organizations such as the American Diabetes Association that help diabetes sufferers like Burt.  They offer information on how you can treat and manage your diabetes as well as have walks to raise funds for a cure.  The family asks that you would consider making a donation in Burt’s memory.  Thank you.

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